Since every boat we broker is displayed on our Edgewater sales lot, not miles away or in another state,  we can provide personal attention to YOUR boat and immediate sales interactions with potential buyers who come to look at YOUR boat! 


If required, all boats are expertly cleaned and detailed upon arrival. Continuous interior and exterior weekly cleanings are included with your agreement and keep your boat looking its best. 


We personally conduct all sea trials and attend surveys so that we are completely knowledgeable about each boat in order to broker the best possible deal.


          For both buyers and sellers, in-state title and registration transfers are taken

care of for you, saving you time! If you are titling out of state, we can still provide you assistance with your paperwork and make sure you have everything you need to title and register in your home state!


We have close ties with major funding companies to ensure any existing boat loan is properly paid as well as to arrange buyer financing. We can also help provide information on insurance.


If your boat over-winters on our lot, we can provide complete winterization and winter maintenance while your boat continues to be shown on our sales lot and receives visibility through our website service. 


Foster Yacht Sales is the ONLY Annapolis area brokerage firm whose sales lot located on a major highway corridor where over 100,000 cars pass each day.  Your boat will get the highest visibility of any brokerage firm in the area - hands down! 

Potential buyers can come and see your boat up close and personal at any time. No appointments needed!




Since 1983, we have been specializing in luxury yachts, sport boats, family cruisers and fishing boats. We have the experience and knowledge to help you get the best possible price for your boat.


Experience in skilled, in-depth market analysis using a combination of valuation tools and actual SOLD comparisons.


We work with trusted and experienced repair specialists who have worked with us for over 20 years.


We have a professional detailing crew who makes sure your boat is kept in ideal condition.

Skilled marketing and website staff who make sure your boat receives huge presence and accessibility both online and on our sales lot. 


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