For over thirty years, we have specialized in selling exceptionally maintained boats. From bow riders to fishing boats and family cruisers to luxury yachts, we provide the experience and skills necessary to sell your boat and get you the best possible price.  


We are a unique brokerage firm for Annapolis - over 99% of our boats are kept on our Rt 2 sales lot where over 100,000 cars pass each day. This guarantees your boat gets maximum visibility to buyers and greater opportunity for on-site sales interactions with our knowledgeable staff! Why leave your boat at a marina and pay for storage each month while getting NO local visibility and no immediate sales interactions when you can bring her to our lot and get that and so much more?

Since our sales lot is open seven days a week, EVERY day is a day to see and sell your boat!

Potential buyers have the opportunity to board your boat, see her up close, and get questions answered immediately by our experienced staff. 

Plus, as part of your agreement, your boat is cleaned each and every week - both interior AND exterior - to keep her in prime marketing condition.  


Your boat is marketed both locally on our sales lot, on our website, and on a variety of global websites such as Yachtworld and BoatTrader, as well as social media sites like Facebook and national search engines like Yelp  and Google!  

We also offer three month brokerage agreements so you are never tied into a long contract. Most of our boats sell within 30 - 45 days and we take the time to re-evaluate the market each month to make sure your boat stays competitive!



If you choose to bring your boat via water, we work closely with nearby Gingerville Yachting Center to safely haul her and bring her to our lot. Need transport by land and don't have a trailer? We also work closely with local transport companies who can come to you and either bring her to us by trailer or by water. 

Check In and Market Analysis

Once your boat arrives, we conduct a thorough inspection and check-in. While your boat is on our lot, we can provide any service and/or maintenance needed to help sell her.  We work closely with neighboring Gingerville Yachting Center, experienced certified mechanics, and local businesses who can provide services such as upholstery repair and re-cushioning, isenglass replacement, gel coat, and much more! 


We conduct an in-depth market analysis using NADA, BUC, Soldboats evaluations and a myriad of our resources at our disposal in order to help you decide on a fair market price.   

Global Online Presence and Local Marketing to Prospective Buyers


We utilize Yachtworld global advertising services which are only available to licensed brokers and dealers, and include a direct second advertising link to BoatTrader  and  We also market your boat on our own personal website as well as social media sites, providing global and local marketing strategies to best get your boat out to the public. 


Our online listings provide a tailored description of your boat as well as detailed professional pictures and a downloadable listing PDF best designed to promote the sale. Questions and leads received through our online presence are always answered the same day!

Since our lot is located on a major highway corridor providing it with the highest visibility of any broker in the Annapolis area, buyers can also find us by simply driving by. Therefore, we also market your boat by providing information for your boat on our sales lot that buyers can take home with them.

We are in touch with you every step of the process, from getting your boat to our lot and ready to market to finalizing the sale. We take care of all paperwork, loan payoffs, in state transfer of title, and more.  


If you would like to sell your boat with us, please contact us! We will be happy to send you more information on our brokerage program.

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