Although wholesaling your boat is not the first option for many sellers, it can often be the easiest and most cost effective, providing a quick method for selling your boat.  If you are interested in selling your boat outright, read our process below and then fill out our form.  We will contact you within 48 hours.

Proof of Clean Title

Proof of clean title is required before the process begins. If you have lost your title, or do not have a clean title, we may still be able to work with you to purchase the boat.  

If you have a current lien, depending on what is owed, we may still be able to purchase your boat. Contact us for more details on options!

Appraisal Process


After we receive all the necessary information and paperwork on your boat, we will make an appointment to see the boat in person. 


Once we visit, we will provide you with a fair outright purchase price.  Remember that wholesale value is different from retail.


Once purchased, it will still take time (and in many cases - money) to get the boat to our retail standards for sale, then market and sell the boat.  We look for boats that offer the seller a fair value, and provide a profit to us  -  so everyone comes out a winner!

Sales Agreement

Once price is agreed upon, we will draw up a sales agreement for the purchase and obtain all parties signatures. 



Boat Survey

In some cases, depending on the boat, we will perform a structural and/or engine survey prior to purchase. This provides us with information about the health of your boat in order to know in more detail what she may (or may not) need to get into sellable condition.  Purchase price may change based on survey assessments. 

Closing and Payment 

Once inspection is complete, and all details worked out, we can quickly close on the boat with you and get you paid!  

Interested? Click Here and Fill Out Our Boat Information Sheet!

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