We offer the perfect location to store your boat for the winter and all the services you need to wrap her up safely for the season. Not to mention a great price!



We are located on the hill above Gingerville Yachting Center in the South River. You can easily bring her to us by water where we work closely with the marina to haul her and safely block her on our lot. If you have your ow trailer, you can simply bring your boat to us and we will store her on the trailer. 


We also work with local transporters who can haul and transport your boat directly to our lot for storage.




We offer many options for winterization of your vessel. You can winterize the boat yourself, hire an insured mechanic to come in to service the boat for winter, or we can provide you with a myriad of detailed and competitive winterization services from experienced staff and mechanics.  We can even shrink-wrap your boat! 


Special Service and Care

Throughout the winter season, your boat will be monitored closely. We have an experienced staff on site every day of the week making sure all vessels are monitored.  In addition, to provide extra protection to your canvas and coverings, snow will be removed after each occurrence, something most marinas do not provide!


Come Spring, we can also provide cleaning and commissioning to ready her for the new boating season. 

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